Now that we've shown you results, we'll show you the brilliance behind the Eco-Extender. After conducting comparative studies between all competing extenders on the market, Libido Labs crafted and perfected their own unique rendition, introducing the first made-in-USA extender into the market. We are proud to be the first USA-approved pioneers of penis enlargement and with our team of specialists on board, we thrive on staying at the top.

The Eco-Extender functions as a penis enlargement device employing the means of traction force. Engineered with medical-grade plastic and metals, the extender is ready for use without any required medical supervision. Libido Labs designed the Eco-Extender so that no traction force is lost, hence extending to your max results.

As previously mentioned, the extender is designed to enlarge through the use of traction. This natural method was originally employed by ancient African tribes for the purpose of extending the size of their earlobes and lips. The logic behind this being that a knotted rope suspending a weight around the desired limb would use the traction force of gravity to extend the respective limb. As primitive and unpractical as this archaic technique sounds, it yielded sufficient success to lead our scientists and experts to further development. Shortly afterwards, scientists and researchers applied this method to enlarge the penis, and it tested true. Years after, subsequent attempts and new extender patents were released by the market. Meanwhile Libido Labs patiently researched and optimized the best Extender for release in today's market.

In a recent study, the subjects enjoyed an average of 25 percent increase in penis enlargement after a 3-4 month test period. That means that an 8 inch flaccid penis length now becomes 10 inches long (a 2 inch gain!). Use did not affect sexual pleasure or reproduction capacities, nor did it affect urination. It was also found that the degree of enlargement is directly proportional to the daily hours of usage. Also, it was found that subjects who suffered from Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis) enjoyed a noticeable improvement, as the Eco-Extender is also designed to straighten the erect penis. Your size and shape is now entirely in your hands. In addition to these findings, subjects experienced an increase in penis girth (circumference) as well as penis length.

It is not necessary to wear the Euro Extender for long consecutive time periods to achieve results. The hours of use can be broken up into intervals. Breaks can be taken for a period of time, without affecting the final result. Taking a break does not cause any loss of enlargement that has already been gained.

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